Meditation Types

Meditation dates back to some of humanities oldest practices and continues on today.

Meditation can come in many different flavors such as those that emphasize movement, those that emphasize concentration (such as Transcendental Meditation) or those that emphasize mindfulness (MBSR and MBCT)

Click on any of the Meditation Types and see how meditation got its start and how it continues on today:

  • Vipassana Meditation
    Vispassana meditation or “Insight” meditation is more then 2,000 years old and originally taught as a universal remedy for universal ills. Vispassana meditation is modeled from […]
  • Zen Meditation
    Zen meditation is a traditional form of meditation from which mindful meditation is partially derived.
  • Mindfulness Meditation in Practice (MBSR AND MBCT)
    What Is Mindfulness It can be difficult to pinpoint a holistic definition of mindfulness as there are differences in its teachings. One school of thought teaches […]
  • Facts about QiGong Meditation
    Qigong meditation is a centuries-old meditation practice of movement and breathing used for martial-arts, health and spirituality. Qigong (Pronounced chi gong) is defined as “life energy.” […]
  • Transcendental Meditation
    Transcendental Meditation(TM)generally refers to the meditation movement created by the yogi Maharishi Mahesh. The program makes claims to calmness, enhanced brain function, improved cardiovascular health, and […]