Transcendental Meditation(TM)generally refers to the meditation movement created by the yogi Maharishi Mahesh. The program makes claims to calmness, enhanced brain function, improved cardiovascular health, and reduced depression

As of 2020 the program costs* ranges from $380 to $500.

*Some exceptions apply


Practitioners attempt to achieve  a state of tranquility with the aid of a mantra (a repeated sound) that is practiced 15-20 minutes. The organization teaches meditation worldwide through its certified instructors.

The Effectiveness of Transcendental Meditation

It is difficult to ascertain the full spectrum of benefits, as the potential for bias arose in the many privately funded studies.

An additional 2009 NCCIH-funded trial suggests that transcendental may help lower blood pressure; however, it is uncertain if Transcendental Meditation is superior to other pressure lowering blood pressure.
A different medical study showed no statistical difference between transcendental meditation and taking meds.