Soft Focus Meditation, which is also known as “open monitoring”, “open attention” or “mindful awareness”: is practiced by allowing your sense inputs (sounds, sensations, smells, emotions and thoughts) to appear naturally and disappear naturally, without giving the ideas into  judgement. 

Soft Focus Vs Hard Focus

The “Hard Focus” can be said to be your mental focus “or your awareness”( as you examine the different areas of your body and breath) while the soft focus is more balanced – allowing all sensations to come and go as time progresses.

The goal is to maintain alertness and the continuity of your experience while allowing your mind to relax “soft focus.”

Soft Focus Techniques

In soft focus, practitioners perform best by leaving eyes open in a soft focus and releasing tension in the body. “Breath in and relax, breath out – relax.” Accept all thoughts without judgement and revel in the present moment. 

Remember, you cannot force your mind into submission, but you can process and acknowledge your thoughts, taking them just as they are: thoughts. You do not need to act on them. Soft focus is without judgement.

The Benefits

Soft Focused awareness allows us to loosen up and relax, be more aware of surroundings, and lifts the “fog.”

When we notice the stillness and  the calmness, we can let our mind recharge.

More Reading

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